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It is often a misconception that at Sai we only serve wine and champagne, which is a fair enough assumption. When you look at us from the outside all one can see is a wall of wines from around the world and it probably doesn’t look like the place to grab a cup of coffee.

Well we can tell you, we offer an extensive range of coffee and tea at Sai served with salad, cheeseboard or a lunchtime sandwich.

Sai offers a different environment to that of most campaigns in Accra, we see it as an comfortable, cosy, intimate, chilled location where you can have a meeting, get some work done or just reflect on the day past or the day ahead.

We don’t offer take away services on our hot drinks but hey! why would we want to rob you of the Sai experience?

Next time you are in front of Sai or in the neighborhood, feel free to stop by and try a cup of coffee or tea.

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