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I think it is super cool to take a client out for a drink, it is an excellent way to get comfortable with your client and give them a glimpse of your big idea. Where you take your client says a lot about you and your business so if you want to impress them make sure you take them somewhere cost, somewhat intimate where they can feel free to relax with you.

First thing is first, gauge the type of client you have and their current mood. Is it your first client meeting? Or are you celebrating something with your client? Gauge the mood before you decide to place your order (it would be seen as a bit premature to offer your client champagne when you haven’t even signed a contract with them or started any work).

So here are some ideas of what drinks to order when taking your clients out for a drink:

First meeting – Impress your client by asking staff for a recommended Chilean or French wine. Both regions are not so popular in Ghana and generally get conversation going between yourself and the client. Although both are old world wines they are inexpensive and an excellent way to set the tone. Pair the wine with 3 sisters on the Sai menu, which is a small serving of cheese, dried fruits and chutney, a nice nibble during the meeting.


Signed contract – This is a good moment between you and your client, by now you’ve had a few interactions with your client and you have earned their trust. As the contract has been signed don’t get too ahead of yourself and start popping Champagne clink glasses with your client over a bottle of Proseco or Sparkling wine. Although the same category of drink Champagne is often associated as an expensive, outlandish celebratory drink whereas Proseco or a simply sparkling is regarded as a feel good moment. Sai has got a good range of sparkling wines and prosecco which will pair nicely with some soft cheeses such as camembert, brie and some blue cheese.


Celebratory drink – And here it is, you got something to laugh, smile and jubilate about…Champagne is your friend! Although, check your client, not all people like sparkling wine from Champagne, some may prefer a prosecco. If they do like Champagne I would advise you try to avoid the ones we all know and rather try something a bit more rare to be offered, such as Dom Perignon, Ruinart Brut or Perrier Jouet. Remember you are going for the experience as well as the moment.


There are some challenges – Not all business is smooth sailing, there are times were there are kinks in the business and strategy needs to be reviewed. Set aside the wine, and ask for a good cup of tea or coffee. For some, asking for a glass of wine when things are tough drinking wine may come across as insensitive and relaxed. So ask for our best coffee or tea, get a salad and dig in!


De-brief – No matter what the situation at this point you have made to the finish line! Congratulations!!! I think a good way to set the tone for a de-brief is to have a hearty red or white wine with a meal. It’s a great way to end your contract and/or speak about the next business phase.

Remember attending to your client is not only about getting the work done, it is also about building relationships and delivering the best experiences. Plus Sai offers free wifi for all paying customers so it is easy to get onto your laptop and get some work done.

Good luck!

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