A New way to share a Special Message

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A New way to share a Special Message

Many a times we are lost for words and never really know how to express how we feel or we want to do something for somebody in a special, original and creative way but we never get around to knowing how.

Focusing on customer experiences
At Sai we are defined by our blue print of creating new experiences and opportunities for consumers. From educating people in a fun way about wine, offering a selection of wines from across the globe to serving up some delicious meals to pair, we continue to evolve as a service provider.

This month we are officially launching our new wine bottle personalization service… whatever you want to say, you can say it on a bottle with our new service.

4 Easy Steps
We are making it easy for you to make somebody smile, deliver a memorable moment, make somebody feel very special and have something to remember for years to come.Our wine personalization service is easy to follow and the cost is dependent on your taste.

Step 1: Select your picture

Step 2: Script your message – try not to make your text more than 25 words

Step 3: Select your wine (visit www.sai-ghana.com/our-menu)

Step 4: Upload and send everything to luxury@sai-ghana.com

Your order will be confirmed within 24hours – you can make payment via cash or mobile money.
On larger quantities of bottles of wine we shall apply a discount and we can also take into consideration special orders for wines we do not have on our menu – however terms and conditions apply.

Another month and something new has been birthed at Sai allowing our customers to further define themselves and express their attitude in life.

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