Marquès de Càceres Wine Sampling Evening

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Marquès de Càceres Wine Sampling Evening

Excellent night at the Marquès de Càceres wine sampling on Wednesday night. We sampled 4 wine varietals including:

Viura – White
Tempranillo – Rosè
Reserva – Red
Crianza – Red

We started with the white and graduated through to the reds

With the white, it was ok, light citrus and buttery tones on the smell, followed by a surprising sharp, watery after taste yet a very light finish. Viura blanco would be great for brunch or just a light wine to be enjoyed on a sunny afternoon, however nothing to run home about.

Tempranillo Rosè – I am used to drinking Tempranillo red wine so wasn’t too sure what to expect with the rosè. The smell was very sweet and jammy, could definitely smell strawberries, raspberries, it was very juicy, yet the taste was a sharp contrast to the smell. When I initially tasted the rosè it was subtle then all of a sudden there was a small firework in my mouth. It definitely wasn’t expected and took me back slightly.
There after, the finish was quite aggressive, again moving away from the sweet jammy taste that I initially enjoyed. Definitely not a sweet wine and definitely not to be consumed if you are a light-bodied rosè kind of person. On another note, the rosè color was beautiful, definitely something you would want to pour and present to guests.

Reserva Red – I am a red wine lover so I was looking forward to this. The wine smelt warm, full bodied, aromatic and cosy. Some guests commented that they could smell blackberries, another mentioned he could smell white rum. As we tasted the wine, it tasted medium bodied and had a smooth finish. When asked whether anybody would drink the wine over and over again there was a confident chorus of Yessssssss! Truly a remarkable and enjoyable wine.

Finally, we sampled the Crianza Red – initial thoughts were that the wine smelt of wood, burnt wood in fact with a hint of dark berries and chocolate. To taste, the wine was heavy with an explosive after taste and very dry.
The group was split when it came to this particular wine, some people felt the wine had characteristics of spirits such as cognac and brandy. A majority of the men liked this wine where the women were wavering. The Crianza was a very complicated wine and with each taste there was a new flavor to be appreciated.

Between the Crianza and Reserva, a majority of the group preferred the Reserva with its simplified palette and ease of drinking. Yet the Crianza is definitely an impressive wine – would use to dazzle a certain calibre of guest as it would work as a great conversational piece.

Overall the new Marquès de Càceres range at Sai is decent and across the varietals serves to satisfy wine drinkers across the spectrum. It’s unique grape and notes really does tickle ones curiosity to drink and further reveal the wine.

If I was to grade each of 10 it would be as follows:

Viura White wine – mmmmm 4 out of 10 – but I am really not a white wine drinker to fully appreciate this wine

Tempranillo Rosè – hmm I would say 4 out of 10 again because it was not what I expected and I wouldn’t enjoy anymore than half a glass of this wine

Reserva – straight up 8 out of 10, it was a cosy wine which made me think about having my feet up in my cosy room with socks and my favorite tv program.

Crianza – 5 out of 10, but again this is my personal taste, the wine came across too dry and exciting for me. I didn’t find it easy to drink and found myself, thirsty for water after each sip.

That’s it from me, I look forward to next wine tasting in on Thursday 15th June where we shall be sampling the Bottega range


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