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People often get confused about who we exist for as an establishment, what is worrying is that Ghanaian’s don’t believe that a place such as Sai is for them, but guess what…it only had Ghanaians in mind.

Before we opened we identified that as Ghanaians our wine culture is absent in the sense that a average Ghanaian drinker doesn’t know the different variants of wine based on one category i.e. red wine has numerous variants such as Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Syrah and much more.

We noticed at many social events that we do not know how to drink wine, rather than swirling, smelling, sipping, we take and gulp as if drinking beer.

When sipping wine, we are meant to explore and identify the different flavors in the wine and enjoy the fusion of smell and colors.

The challenge is…the smells and tastes do not necessarily resonate with the Ghanaian wine consumer as most of the flavors don’t exist in our homeland. And even if they do, they may not be regularly consumed by your average Ghanaian. For example, if you say to a Ghanaian, ‘Can you smell the oak or the grapefruit?’, more often than not the response will be ‘No’ because they may not be able to identify an oak tree is let alone what it smells like…how much more a grapefruit???

It is an uphill task but we believe in everything it is important to take your time and resources to educate the masses and allow them to organically buy into wine consumption and build their curiosity of what to drink and define their own taste preference.

Commonly, Ghanaians like anything sweet, so a Muscato, sweet Rosè, Prosecco or Sherry tends to go down well, but it is great if we can master the taste of other flavors so we can appreciate them throughout a meal and in social gatherings.

As we are growing as middle class citizens it is important that they know what wine is and what good wine is. When we are growing and getting more exposed thee shall be times when we will be going to events overseas or even here at home and we will need to know how to present ourselves in a new grown up environment.

Let Sai take you on a journey and become a better you!

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