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It is not often that  you will hear about beverage tasting events where you will be educated on the origin of the makers, how the drink came about and the different variants of the dink.

I honestly thought it was going to be a bit boring but I can confess it must have been one of THE most fun evenings I have had.

We were all grouped together at Sai Wine & Champagne Cafè who were the event hosts for the tasting event, there was about 25 of us! We were initially taken through the history of the origination of cognac then later educated on Mr Hennessy himself. I learnt that Cognac was a region in France…interesting as I never thought that the name of the drink was based on where it was from…excuse me I’m an amateur.


So as the evening progressed we had the chance to sample 3 different types of Hennessy: VS, VSOP and X.O, it was a blast. We tried each of the drinks straight, with coke and with ice it was interesting to know not all of the drinks tasted good blended, some more specifically X.O just need to be enjoyed neat. We were told that there are presently 8 variants of Hennessy available but its distribution worldwide is highly dependent on demand in each market. Unsurprisingly, Ghana hasn’t got a great demand for Hennessy on the scale as our beloved brothers Nigeria.

I had the chance of pairing my cognac with some nice fried calamari, it went down a treat however, our guide for the evening advised that Cognac is best enjoyed as an after meal drink…digestive…if you wish.


Whilst we were tasting the Hennessy variants the guide also educated us that Hennessy celebrated 250 years of existence in 2015 and were giving away limited editions of their VSOP bottles…but here is the catch, there was nothing ‘limited edition’ about them. Simply, they branded the bottle differently an positioned it to us consumers as something that we ‘must have’ for many years to come…how cheeky hehehe

All light-hearted we had a lot of fun on the night and the guide was amazing. We closed the evening on a high, with lots of laughter and networking. I must say I got more than my GHC70 that I paid to attend.

Excellent event!

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